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Is Online Inspiration Realistic?

Finding inspiration for your new kitchen or bathroom isn’t what it used to be. In the days before the Internet, finding inspiration meant flipping through piles of bulky interior decorating magazines and dog-earring pages for future reference. Today, many potential clients come to us with Smartphones and bookmarked web pages to describe their ideal space.
But just because it is easier to find inspiration, doesn’t always mean it is possible or easy to recreate. Websites like Houzz and Pinterest are filled with photos of over-the-top kitchens featuring soaring ceilings and grand islands. In reality, ceiling heights and room sizes are typically much smaller.
The designers at Milestone Millwork are big fans of digital inspiration but advise homeowners to consider the space they are working with before dreaming big.
And design elements aren’t the only thing to consider. There are tons of cool technology available for kitchens and bathrooms. Drawers with built-in USB chargers and pull-out hair straighteners are great ideas but may go against Ontario’s electrical code.
Speaking of inspiration, our showroom in Niagara Falls is the perfect place to gather ideas. We have several full kitchen displays filled with countertop, cabinetry, hardware and style choices to help you plan your project. And our designers are always available to answer any of your questions.
If you’re too busy to stop in, you can take a fully immersive 3D tour of our showroom from the comfort of home. Grab a cup of your favourite coffee and click here to take the tour.

Integrating Microwave Ovens Into Your New Kitchen


In early days, microwave ovens were mostly used for popping some Orville Redenbacher or reheating a cup of java. Today, they’ve become an essential part of the heat-and-eat lifestyle, preparing everything from frozen pizza for one to a complete sit-down meal for an entire family.

And while the microwave has changed the way we prepare our meals, it has also changed the way we use and design our kitchens.

Previously, kitchens were designed with an emphasis on creating a smooth flow of traffic from the fridge to the stove to the sink. And they were often an afterthought. In many older kitchens, you’ll often find the microwave wedged anywhere an electrical outlet would allow.

Not to mention, they were both bulky and not very visually appealing.

Today though, microwaves are available in a variety of sizes and styles and can be easily integrated into any new kitchen design. We asked our Milestone Millwork designers to give their thoughts on integrating this essential appliance into today’s modern kitchen without compromising countertop real estate or visual appeal.

What to Consider:

Before deciding which type of installation you want, our design team suggests considering the amount you’ll use your microwave as well as your height.


As with the classic kitchen design, placing your microwave over your stove allows for a smooth flow of traffic when preparing meals. This installation sees the microwave mounted over your stove but can be problematic for shorter people or those with difficulty reaching tall items.

As well, this option isn’t compatible if you have a gas stove or range due to the installation height requirements.


This is less common due to the depth of the shelf needed. This method of installation is also more bulky and cumbersome.

Above a Wall Oven:

This installation method gives a clean, seamless built-in look. This method can also have the same height issues as the Above-the-Range method but is the most visually appealing.


This method is not ideal for someone who is taller but is a great option for keeping the microwave out-of-sight from the main living space. It also allows the greatest options for microwave types as well. Trim kits are available for a more seamless look.

Our designers love talking kitchen and bathroom design and can help you come up with a plan to fit your taste and lifestyle. Set up an appointment today!